Cost Of Doing Business

Competitive Business Climate

Northern Kentucky offers a competitive business climate built on low tax burdens, competitive incentive packages, and below-average utility costs.

  • In January 2017, Kentucky became the 27th state to pass Right-to-Work legislation.
  • The Cincinnati MSA was named the #1 most cost-friendly business location among large U.S. cities. (Source: Tax Foundation/KPMG Location Matters Report, 2016)
  • Kentucky is ranked #8 in the country for most favorable tax conditions for professional office operations. Relatively moderate sales tax burdens, low unemployment insurance taxes and low property taxes account for these below-average tax burdens. (Source: Tax Foundation/KPMG Location Matters Report, 2016)
  • Kentucky’s electric power costs, averaged for all sectors, ranked 7th lowest nationwide in January 2018. (Source: US Energy Information Administration)