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Gene Therapy

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Gene Therapy in Northern Kentucky

Gene therapy is an emerging field that involves modifying genetic material to treat disease. Currently, the relatively few FDA-approved therapy treatments available to patients include several diseases relating to blood disorders and degenerative disorders of the eye and muscles. In the years ahead, however, this sector is expected to help treat a growing number of conditions, especially those that are considered rare. Clinical trials will be a critical component in the evolution from an emerging field to a mature technology.

“There’s a climate of excitement around new businesses and helping companies to grow here. There are a lot of things that we like about Northern Kentucky – the welcoming atmosphere, excitement for innovation and that we can be part of the community. Venture capital firms are investing here.”

Ray Takigiku, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Bexion Pharmaceuticals


Northern Kentucky has 13 four-year colleges and universities located within a 45-minute commute serving as hubs of innovation. In addition, regional universities are also important producers of Life Sciences talent, including gene therapy. In 2019, the University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University, and Miami University collectively awarded 3,800 health professional degrees. This includes Northern Kentucky University’s Health Informatics program.

The Cincinnati region is the #1 best city in the nation for college graduates. (Source: SmartAsset 2022)

Major Companies

  • Bexion Pharmaceuticals


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